Light Up Your Creativity

by Jeremy Wetzel

We draw. We write. We film. We create art in so many different ways, but one thing that often gets overlooked is lighting.  I would like to share my thoughts on a fairly new product line of lighting called Philips Hue. http://www2.meethue.com/en-us/

For years, Philips has produced industrial-level lighting solutions. Solutions that use LED lights to automate funky building lights or program light shows. Their industrial lighting line is called Color Kinetics, which I personally have used in various museum exhibits. Have no idea what I’m talking about? Pay attention to New York’s Times Square Ball, dropping on New Year’s Eve. It’s built with Color Kintetics programmable LED lights.

With incandescent lights slowly fading out of the marketplace, for our regular lighting needs we have to switch to something else. Rather than use fluorescent lights, Philips made a consumer level version of their Color Kinetics line called Philips Hue. They are more expensive than an incandescent light bulb, but they also last 15-20 years, and look better than a fluorescent light. These new light-bulbs have more functionality: They change color and they are programmable!

First let’s talk about the color - yes COLOR! They do all kind of various shades of while (cool to warm) and also can illuminate in thousands of different colors. As illustrated in the photos above, this can add theater quality lighting to your living-room, which certainly makes for a unique holiday light display. These lights can transform your house or workspace into whatever mood you want…vibrant and energetic like a sunrise, or calm a cool like a Caribbean beach…endless possibilities.

The best thing about this? It’s easy. Philips has an open API for developers who want to make apps, and there are already a bunch of free apps out there for your phone or tablet, including the main Philips Hue app. You can create “scenes” or collections of color settings for your lights. You can automate when these scenes turn on and off. You can use lights to receive blink with social media notifications. You can throw a party and sync the lights to music. You can highlight artwork on the walls with dramatic lighting. You can dim the whole room when you watch a movie.

Just about any action you can think up can be accomplished with these lights. It’s like having a theater stage at your fingertips! As these lights get more popular, I’m excited to see what people more artistic than myself can create with this technology.


Translucid is a Stunning, Elaborate Chess Match

by Jeremy Wetzel

We all love a good story between two adversaries playing a game of cat and mouse. Batman vs the Joker. Superman vs Lex Luthor. Tom vs Jerry. Ok, that last one was an actual cat and mouse, but I hope you see where I’m going here. Translucid is a story about the inner workings and dynamics of two adversaries. One is a source of good and justice, and the other is a source of chaos.

This extremely well written story by Claudio Sanchez & Chondra Echert explores the codependent nature of these two opposing forces: The Navigator and The Horse. One force can’t coexist without the other and the psychological aspects of their associative relationship results in a very engaging story that will keep you turning pages. Without spoiling anything, I can tell you that the team working on this comic does an excellent job of exploring the character’s backgrounds in such a way that keeps you guessing “is this the good guy’s background or the bad guy we are learning about?”

The pages and storyline are well paced and the artwork by Daniel Bayliss is phenomenal. The illustrations run a line between being very grounded and very trippy - both are elements required by the story. All the panels drawn and colored are so deliberate that the story exudes confidence and a strong direction.

I must also point out that the cover artwork by Jeff Stokely is well planned out and simply amazing. Not only are the cover illustrations iconic but the color palette chosen is incredibly vibrant. The decision to carry this through all covers for the series makes this comic very memorable and sets the tone for the story right off the bat. If these covers don’t catch your eye, there may be something wrong with you. 

The best part about this series is that it has a great ending, which I won’t spoil for you. The storyline is finished and the comics are all available now so once you start reading, you won’t have to wait. Go read Translucid and thank me later.


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